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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bad Breast Implants Example Two

Yet another shot of this chick's nasty breast implants. She should ask for a refund or sue for malpractice. | Lisa Sparxxx Tits | big tits gallery | Tera Patrick Tits

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Caroline said...


6:40 PM  
Bunny said...

Hm...those do look pretty horrid. But then again, when breast implants are healing (which can take many months), most of them look like that. I remember my best friend getting hers done, and I was so upset for her, because her boobs started up at her collar bones! Luckily, after a couple of months, they settled down where they should be. My guess is that hers just haven't settled yet.

If they have...then her surgeon should be murdered.

11:32 AM  
werewolf said...

Could this be a 1st stage transsexual? Look at the muscle tissue at the top of the implant(large bulge). If this is indeed a woman, her surgeon should have placed these on top of the pectoral muscle, not shoved it to the top. There should be noticeable cleavage/separation between the breasts.

11:45 AM  
Titty Lover said...

If you cover up the top half,they look like great tits.
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8:45 PM  

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