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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Damn, what did Houston do to her face?

This is an off topic post. Does anyone know what the hell porn star Houston did to her face? Her lips are looking massive these days. She was hot when she started out. She looked somewhat like Cheryl Ladd | Lisa Sparxxx Tits | big tits gallery | Tera Patrick Tits

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amcwatcher said...

Those are some horrid looking lips!

7:23 PM  
Trekkie said...

Mommy make the scary monster go away. Good god how can she think that looks attractive? She looks emaciated like all her muscle tissue etc migrated to her lips.

7:49 PM  
InfamousMrThorp said...

Do not forget that a few years back, houston also thought her laybia(spelling) were too large and went into surgery to have them "removed". Think of circumsision for a woman.... I think perhaps she has swalled one to many loads and it affected her brain

10:48 AM  
Adam said...

Tara Reid.
Nastiest implants I know of.

11:30 AM  
Titty Lover said...

Houston has never EVER been hot. There has always been something fucked up about her face. She had nice tits, but that was it.
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11:36 PM  
jmello said...

Fish Lips

8:57 AM  
Michele Yamazaki said...

Last time I saw lips like that there was a hook through them.

11:02 AM  
TTboyArDee said...

i think HP Lovecraft wrote about people that look like this coming out of the sea to take over our civilization. i for one welcome our new fish faced overlords.

11:14 AM  
The Management said...

Interesting - Rapper Houston gouges his eye out, pornstar Houston mutilates her face.

Next, the city of Houston commits suicide.

3:18 PM  
Titty Lover said...

Hahaha...omg, you're so right...I think I have seen fish people from comic books that look just like her :)
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6:29 PM  
Rori said...


I think she is trying to look like a blow=up doll.

10:28 PM  
rolandog said...


Poor biatch...

10:40 PM  
mischief managed! said...

remember in Escape from L.A. during the beverly hills horror plastic surgery clinic with bruce campbell? she looks like one of the nurses.

11:21 PM  

UGLY FLUGGY - LOOK'S LIKE SHE GOT HIT WITH A BAG OF HOT NICKELS! She may of even got hit with the UGLY stick!!


11:16 AM  
Titty Lover said...

Didn't she do like a 500 guy gangbang?
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11:54 AM  
vagitis said...

when she was on the howard stern show she was really pretty, people just get so addicted to the lip collagen

11:30 AM  
JohnIan said...

Well, it certainly shows my age. When I saw the reimagined Houston the first thing that popped in my head was Madame. She's turning wooden.

Madame was wooden puppet done by Wayland Flowers. The puppet had a show in the early 80s set in brothel.

9:34 PM  
jaboobie said...

well jeez, i dunno, she was a regular stay at home housewife, who made the obvious switch to hardcore porn in two steps. 1. Be normal. 2. Screw a lot of guys.

I'm no head doctor but methinks she's probably got some mental baggage.

3:57 AM  
Erotic Servant said...


Is this something new in the industry?

You havent seen strippers?

Walk into a strip club at night or look at most of these pornstars and you'll see most had nip n tuck so they can fuck here n there always bare

Plus the coke, the weed, the meth, the booze
It gets to you some day

Oh, and just imagine getting your face fucked by monster cock every week for 10 yrs

That's what's mostly wanted from these producer guys though

Hefner likes the naturals
so do it if you want in porn
don't if you want to do softcore

7:28 PM  

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